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About Us


About Us

ProAsianGold is a reputable, growth-oriented gold mining company with a track record of stability and reliability.

We have established beliefs and supporting behaviors at ProAsianGold that define the way we put our efforts together every day.

The following values help us accomplish our vision:

Mining is a long-term industry, and our capacity to produce wealth is contingent on our ability to conduct ourselves suitably and sustainably. That involves, among other things, preserving our people's health and safety, minimizing our environmental impact throughout the mine lifespan, respecting human rights, and fairly sharing the value we achieve.

ProAsianGold is on track to provide great sustainability results, and we will never stop working to improve in line with society's long-term demands and aspirations.

We are determined to assess long-term viability in terms of achieving healthy business outcomes — both now and in the future.

Sustainability is a dynamic outcome of interaction and consensus, not a static concept. We continue to strengthen our compliance with the common guiding principles related to business and human rights reporting framework, as the role of business in supporting human rights has become obvious. By performing human rights assessments in impacted communities, examining suppliers' behaviors and values in our supply chain, enhancing diversity and inclusion in our workforce, and reporting our findings, we are putting the principles and reporting structure into action. We act and report by internationally recognized standards.

The Board of Directors of ProAsianGold is responsible for overseeing the company's business operations in order to ensure long-term financial strength and the production of long-term shareholder value. The Safety and Sustainability Committee supports the Board's commitment to a healthy and safe workplace, as well as environmentally sound and socially responsible mining and resource development.

The Committee looks forward to continuing its discussions with management on how to manage sustainability risks and contribute to local, national, and worldwide objectives.

Although many achievements have been obtained due to the dedication and talent of many individuals and teams, the changing social and political challenges that the company and the broader industry are facing necessitate a thorough understanding of sustainability risks as well as robust strategies and plans.


Key Programs, Strategies, and Challenges

Safety – We direct the company to speed up work in the safety area, to establish and test the effectiveness of the important measures needed to prevent injuries.


Human rights – The Committee is following the development of the Contractor Risk Management (CRM) program, which strengthens how human rights and other key risks are managed within the company's global supplier network and afterwards communicated to shareholders and other key stakeholders. ProAsianGold has made significant progress in integrating human rights considerations into the business.


Sustainable development – The Committee evaluates the development of concise, data-driven economic impact reports and how they serve as a useful resource for engaging communities, governments, and other stakeholders on the company's economic contributions.


Environment – Updates are made to a number of environmental programs, including the company's energy and climate change strategy, a strengthened approach to responsible tailings and heap leach management. Improvements are made to integrate business, closure planning, and new partnerships to support the company's water stewardship and biodiversity goals. Each meeting focuses on progress toward public goals to minimize fresh water use and intensity of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as perform parallel reclamation.